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Temporary Spaces Listing
The Moment Gallery
– Crowd-sourcing of Contents and Participants
PMQ Mahjong Exhibition
– Facilitating the Pop-up Shows
Online Documentary
– Documenting shows as virtual tours 


–  Attempts at temporary spaces enabled by technology 

Who we serve?

aTTempspace is a platform bridging the gaps between “bricks & clicks” that optimizes the use of temporary urban vacant spaces for people and organizations to try out their new ideas, show off their creativity and thereby, turn a place into an attractive destination and enrich city life with the aids of technology.

How did we start?

Being the winner of 2015 PolyU Techathon, aTTempspace was incubated by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and successfully graduated in 2018. The idea won the Social Innovation Award in the Cross-Strait Architectural Competition 2017 for a series of experimental projects done. In the same year, the founder, Dr. Chan Lai Kiu took up the role of Chief Curator for the HK/ SZ Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture and further expanded the idea into a city scale. A collection of discrete temporary vacant spaces along the MTR Island line were turned into a mega-gallery. From there on, a number of shows were further curated on a diverse range of themes attracting a lot of public and media attention. 

What do we do?

aTTempsace is created to be a platform that facilitates “attempts at temporary spaces” with the aid of technology to provide the following online and offline services:

1.  Listing out Temporary Spaces 

Spaces, mostly rent-free except management and utility cost can be viewed directly in virtual tours with information and contacts embedded 

2.  Crowd-sourcing of Contents and Participants

Interesting themes are proposed to invite other people to contribute contents and participate in upcoming thematic shows. People may also propose their themes on the platform

3.  Facilitating the Pop-up Shows

Contents, venues, sponsors, promoters, designers, contractors and other service promotors are listed and matched.

4.  Documenting shows as virtual tours 

Empowered by EasyVR, pop-up shows can be recorded as virtual tours for people to revisit. Further information and contacts can also be embedded in these virtual tours for people to reach in future.  

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